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Royal Oak Homes is not the average homebuilder. We are a community homebuilder dedicated to building homes, but more importantly fantastic communities. This process is evident from the first day we step foot on a property.

Business Longevity

We’re more than your builder. We’re your partner.

AV Homes was founded in 1970 and began developing master-planned communities in
Florida and Arizona–two of America’s most sought-after destinations. And, most recently, in North Carolina. Today, as a publicly held company, AV Homes’ mission is firmly founded on the development and construction of premier master-planned communities and the lifestyles they offer–areas where the company skillfully applies its decades of expertise.

Environmental Commitment

How do you focus on energy conservation and environmental protection?

From the first shovel in the ground, Royal Oak Homes is committed to conserving, preserving, and sustaining our natural resources. During the construction process, we are careful of both what type of construction debris is thrown away and also where it is thrown away. To the extent we can reuse or recycle material, we will do so. The features selected for your home are built to the highest energy standards, achieving at least 35% more efficiency than homes built just 5 years ago. Features such as Energy Star Appliances and fixtures, CFL light bulbs, and low VOC paint are just a few of the ways we’re helping to save the planet and your wallet through lower energy bills.

Dedication to the Community

Why is it important to be part of the local community?

All of our management live, work, and socialize in our local economy. Because of this, we interact with our homebuyers on a day-to-day basis, which helps fuel better service and more accountability. This is highlighted by our unsurpassed record of philanthropy in the community. From building homes for underprivileged families to contributing over $4,000,000 to non-profit charities around our area, we are a family of builders that truly care about creating a better place to live for everyone. Our buyers recognize that by supporting a business like Royal Oak Homes, you are showing that corporate responsibility and accountability are not optional.

Client Service

Describe the client process?

We pride ourselves on each customer having a ‘Royal’ experience. Our associates are highly trained at providing a pleasant experience to ensure that you find the best home possible, even if it may not be one of ours. Your happiness is our primary concern.

During the home selection process, you’ll be introduced to the Builder responsible for completing your home to the highest expectations. The sales associate will remain the main point of contact. We are so confident in our sales process that the owners will personally respond to any issues that go unresolved.

Response Time

What is the response time for warranty issues?

At Royal Oak Homes, we offer a 24/3/10 response program. This means, we will respond to any call within 24 hours, evaluate the issue within 3 days, and fix the issue within 10 days. For emergencies, some of our subcontractors offer 24-hour numbers to resolve issues that may be more time sensitive.

With a new home, you will receive a 1-year full warranty for construction defects. If something breaks that isn’t supposed to, we fix it. It’s that simple. You also receive a 2-year mechanical warranty and 10-year structural warranty.

Home and Site Options

How much flexibility will I have with my home design?

Royal Oak Homes is proud of the communities in which it builds. We will work with you every step of the way to select the appropriate home on the best lot for your family. From there, our team will guide you through the selection of various exterior and interior design elements tailored to your lifestyle and budget. Our design staff has selected various upgrades from the most trusted names in the industry to ensure that your home is built to the quality that you expect.

Have a Quick Question? Ask Randi!

Have a Quick Question? Ask Randi!

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