Royal Oak's Step-By-Step Home Buying Process

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New Home Buying ProcessRoyal Oak Homes, our entire staff is dedicated to making your new home purchase an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Because your new Royal Oak home represents one of the largest investments that your family will make, our Royal Buying Program is designed to keep you informed through every step of your new home experience…from the first time you step into one of our model centers until the day you occupy your new Royal Oak home.

We hope you will take a few moments to read through this 10 step program to fully understand the Royal Oak Homes commitment to our Customers.

Step #1 >>> Your New Homes Sales Consultant

Our sales consultants have been specially trained to help you purchase the new Royal Oak home that best meets your lifestyle, family and financial needs. After you have toured our models and have seen “first hand” the design features and quality construction found in every Royal Oak home, our sales consultant will guide you through a “pre-qualification” process to show you exactly the price of home best suited to your budget. Through this process, you’ll learn about special mortgage programs that may be available to you, what type of mortgage may be best suited to your current and future financial circumstances, how your closing costs will be paid and how much cash you will need to finalize the purchase of your new Royal Oak home. Don’t be surprised to learn that the home of your dreams can easily become a reality.

Step #2 >>> Selecting Your New Home

Once your new home budget has been established, the real fun begins. Choosing one of Royal Oak Homes’ exciting new floor plans is easy … whether you’re a first time home buyer or moving up to meet the needs of a growing family. Once your floor plan and exterior elevation have been selected, we’ll also inform you of any optional items you may want to include to personalize your new Royal Oak home.

Step #3 >>> The Purchase Contract

Once you’ve settled on your floor plan, elevation and optional items, your sales consultant will prepare a contract for your execution. Contracts are often a little scary, but our sales consultant will explain each item in great detail so that you understand every aspect of the transaction. If you want your attorney to review the contract, that’s OK with us. And please feel free to ask any questions you may have — we want you to be fully informed. After your contract has been signed, we’ll also schedule a convenient time for you to stop by to choose the paint colors, carpeting, tile, and cabinet selections for your new home.

Step #4 >>> Mortgage Application

A little more paper work before we start construction. Your sales consultant will make an appointment for you, at your convenience, to meet with one of our mortgage companies to make a formal mortgage application. Before you attend that appointment, we will give you a check-list of the items you need to bring with you to avoid any processing delays. Depending upon the type of mortgage program for which you are applying, you can expect to receive your mortgage approval within 30-60 days. Once that is behind us, we’re ready to start the real action.

Step #5 >>> Pre-Construction Meeting

While we are applying for the necessary building permits, your sales associate will schedule a time during normal working hours for you to meet with a Royal Oak Builder who will be responsible for the construction of your new home. At that meeting, we’ll verify your lot, floor plan and elevation, review any optional items you may have ordered and generally review the building schedule we intend to maintain. This is a great opportunity to make sure everyone understands any special requests pertaining to your new home.

Step #6 >>> Framing Walk-Through Inspection

If you’re like most new home buyers, you’ll probably be visiting your building site often to watch the progress of your new home. By now, you’re also probably on a “first name” basis with your construction superintendent. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the slab, exterior walls and roof are constructed. Next comes the interior mechanical work — installation of the insulation, wiring, plumbing and ductwork for your heating and air conditioning system. Once these items are installed, we will schedule a “framing walk-through” inspection, to make sure everything is perfect before the drywall is installed. This is a good time to verify the location of electrical outlets, telephone jacks and cable TV outlets. If any changes need to be made, now is the time to do it — before the drywall is installed. It won’t be long now — soon you’ll be occupying your new Royal Oak Home.

Step #7 >>> Pre-Closing Notice:

About ten days before your home is completed, we’ll notify you of the anticipated time and place for your closing. Now’s the time to contact your utility companies to make sure your water, electricity and phone service are properly scheduled. You’ll also want to make arrangements for your home-owners insurance. There are lots of little details to take care of, but don’t worry, we’ll send you a step-by-step check-list.

Step #8 >>> Final Walk-Through Inspection

When your new home is complete and we’ve received a Certificate of Occupancy from the local building department, we’ll schedule a formal walk-through inspection with you, and your construction superintendent. During this walk-through, we’ll demonstrate your appliances, review your heating and air conditioning system, show you how to change air filters and note any items which may need to be adjusted or repaired. Our goal is for zero-defects.

Step #9 >>> After You Move In

It’s also not uncommon for you to note an item or two after closing that may need to be corrected.   After 45 days, we will be proactively reaching out to you in order review any final adjustments covered under your warranty.

Step #10 >>> Warranty Coverage

Your new home is covered by Royal Oak Homes for twelve months after the date of purchase. A copy of the Royal Oak Homes Warranty Policy will be provided to you at the time you sign a purchase contract. At no additional cost to you, Royal Oak Homes also provides you with an extended builder’s warranty insurance program which covers major structural defects and other significant deficiencies in workmanship and materials for years 2-10. This warranty is completely transferable to a new purchaser should you sell your home during this period. Again, your sales consultant will provide you with a copy of this policy at the time you sign your purchase contract.

Our entire staff is dedicated to fulfilling your trust in our company. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and ask that you please feel free to contact us if we can ever be of service to you.


Have a Quick Question? Ask Randi!

Have a Quick Question? Ask Randi!

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